A photographer’s portrait of two bon vivants…

Gepubliceerd op 9 mei 2021 om 22:33


I’d never seen an Old Bentley driving on a pier at the beach. The car drove straight forward to the end of the pier and I have to admit my first concern was if parking on a pier was allowed. On the other side it made me curious. I was astonished by this classic old shiny well maintained vintage English car, “I just had to find out more about who was behind the wheel” and half minute later we got into a wonderful and interesting conversation.


It has been always important to me to photograph all kinds of story’s that I see happening around me in my world. I love to stay open to other things in photography and to follow my intuition, interests, or unexpected photography story’s. I look for feelings of authenticity and humour, and I hope it can touch the viewer as well. Often I meet wonderful photographic subjects on the off-chance, or by asking around and then it happens that my photos are not about dogs or cats.

Live Life

I was immediately intrigued by the whole setting and the lovely couple in the car who enjoyed tremendously the panoramic view at the beach, people and sea. It was not about fear if parking on a pier is allowed, nor about neglecting rules on purpose. It was all about their vision of feeling freedom, courage to be happy, loving and live life to the fullest, in particular in this time.

Have Fun

With so much going on in the world, we need more people like this couple to bring us back to the beauty of simplicity of what life is really about…